The Sphere of Spirit
by Readsy Deals

94,972 Words

Pointy ears-check, third-eye induced headaches-check, fighting against a Dark Phoenix Griffin who wants to turn you into the Ultimate Weapon to kill the king... not happening. At eighteen, Sophie Emerson discovers her identity as a Spirit fae at the prestigious Earwyn Academy of Concordia. It is an identity she welcomes. She can do without the skull-splitting headaches induced by learning to control her clairvoyant powers, though. She'll also love it if someone can tell her why she sees herself in a dream surrounded by nine children who are channeling their powers into her to become a monster that will destroy Concordia. When three kids disappeared from the village, Sophie learns that the Dark Griffin abducted six other children two years ago. The dream shows her she is the last piece to become the Dark Griffin's Ultimate Weapon, and he will abduct her next. Sophie needs a plan when she wakes up in a cell with the nine other children. One that will stop herself from becoming this weapon, save the abducted children, and stop an undefeated Griffin. Being magical shouldn't be this stressful! She would have preferred to remain human, thank you very much.