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"Sherlock Holmes Latent"
by John Pirillo
Latent in all of us is a horror that can't be stopped.
Urban Fantasy Mystery
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Latent - a review by Rosemary Kenny In another reality, the Great Detective Sherlock Holmes, his faithful sidekick, Dr John Watson and his wife, the former Mrs Hudson still abide at 221B Baker Street - but several hundred years in the future, where electric cars and other technology are the norm - and the domain of Cthulthu and his evil subordinates has leaked through into future Earth, leaving gruesome death and destruction as proof he's coming...and an all-too-familiar for is the instigator who's responsible for the dreadful invasion, as he seeks his revenge on Holmes and all who have thwarted him! John Pirillo pens another winner - get it today!