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"Other Voices"
by Louise Worthington
The signs said KEEP OUT. They should have listened.
A supernatural suspense.
Available in MOBI and ePub

The first voice was soft, gentle. It coaxed Eliza in one direction, towards Raw Head, a rocky outcrop - the very spot her first love had fallen to his death. The second voice was louder, urgent, tugging at her as if a rope were tied around her slim waist. Eliza covered her ears but the cacophony would not stop. Eliza returns to the woods at Raw Head, to confront the demons laid buried for twenty years. Her first love, George stole her virginity, her heart and then, just before she was due to leave their beloved village of Bicton to start university, he fell to his death. Eliza has no choice but to listen to the Other Voices about his horrible death.