"Riding Past Midnight"
by Ella Cooper
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A Short & Steamy Western Romance
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Don’t Judge me! I know I made the worst mistake of my life, but all it took was five years and now I’m back to make amends. Love was never the intention, I did not see this coming at all, And neither did I think it would come in a cowboy hat, Blue eyes, blond hair and a smile that could set me on fire. Keith caught me completely unawares and now I’ve fallen deep in love. What is wrong with me? Do I even deserve this? Deserve him? If he knows what a monster I am, will he still stay? I must be strong, I must focus on what I am here for. I have a responsibility, and a chance to atone for my past sins. But my present is Keith, And I’ll be damned if I don’t have him in my future.