"His Rules"
by Jessie Knight
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SMUTTY, DARK ROMANCE TRIGGER WARNINGS: graphic erotic content, age gap, spanking discipline kink, anal play, loss, adult situations, may be too much for some. College student Sarah takes a position at a Victorian mansion for the summer working for Eli, a very strict, disciplined, man dealing with loss. Sarah must sign a contract that if she breaks his rules, she'll be punished by way of a spanking. She's young and care free so she makes some mistakes. It becomes clear that an attraction exists between them, but Eli is having trouble moving on. It's not until Sarah threatens to leave that Eli faces his inner demons. “What will you do, sir? If I break your rules?” Her voice cracked, and inwardly she kicked herself. “Take you over my knee and spank your bare bottom.” Something deep inside her belly twitched, like a switch being flipped on, rippling down below, to the space between her thighs. A slight buzzing sensation. Holy fuck. He literally was threatening to paddle her if she disobeyed his rules. Suddenly this job had a whole other life to it, and she couldn’t wait to get out of here and tell Sunny this juicy tidbit. No cliffhanger and as always, Jess writes steamy, erotic romance with a bit of kink and happy endings. Thank you for your support!