"Good Enough for Abby"
by Karen Nappa
He has a past of abuse and neglect. She's a sheltered young girl. Will their love conquer all?
a short and sweet coming of age story
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Josh has always thought of Abby as a silly little girl - sweet but a bit irritating. Now she's blossomed into a young woman. Still, she’s too young for him, and he isn’t good enough for her. He’s also wary of her stepdad, who’s just plain scary. Abby has always adored her brother’s best friend but she's sure he thinks of her as a little sister at best and an annoying little brat at worst. When his past abuser returns, Josh realizes how much he loves Abby and the lengths she’s prepared to go to for him. Can he ever deserve her love? Born from side characters from the Club Indigo series, Karen Nappa brings you a story of clean and sweet teenage love for those who want to know how Josh has been doing. This short story is exclusively available for their newsletter subscribers.