by Heather Huffman
Sometimes, the underdog wins
A surprisingly warm and humorous tale about the power of hope.
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Of all the things Neena Allen dreamed of being when she grew up, an escaped convict on the run wasn’t at the top of the list. A little bit of bad luck and a whole lot of injustice might have landed her in her current predicament, but Neena wasn’t the kind of person to let others determine her course. Presumed dead, she stumbles into a sleepy Arkansas town where she finds refuge with a kind family and glimpses the chance for a real home, a place to belong. But leading a double life isn't easy, especially when you fall in love with the town lawyer. To complicate matters further, a tenacious reporter gets too close to the truth and Neena finds herself on the run again. With a manhunt underway and her newfound happiness at risk, Neena is forced to face the painful memories of her past and decide her future. Should she fight for her new life or leave behind those she loves to keep them safe? Jailbird is a surprisingly warm and humorous tale about the power of hope. Jailbird is the second installment in the surprisingly warm and funny series The Throwaways, twelve novels that don’t shy away from the dark corners of this world but always shine the light of hope. (But don't worry, you don't have to read book one first!) At the core of the series is a group of strong but often unlikely heroes and heroines coming from all walks of life whose lives intertwine as they fight for justice, for love, and to leave their indelible mark on this world. Immerse yourself in a world of suspense, laughter, and love with The Throwaways.