"The Taste of Infidelity"
by ML Patterson
Would you gamble with your marriage for a taste of forbidden fruit? Jessica might.
A Cheating Hotwife Tale
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Jessica Stroker wore the pants in her marriage. And she wanted it that way. Except that her husband, Ron, bored her. Clung to her. Annoyed her. And left her wanting for wild, erotic adventure. Even if it came from outside her marriage. Her tall, handsome co-worker, Steve, faced his own marital disappointments, but at the office, they found playful escape in flirtation with each other. It was just flirting. But when her boss sends her away on a business trip with Steve, will flirtation turn into something more explosive? And what will happen to Jessica and her marriage if her dark desires are unleashed? In this prequel to the Jessica's Game series, join Jessica as she takes the first steps that will lead her on a journey into temptation, cheating, heartbreak, and healing.