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"Organic Love (Sample)"
by M. E. Weyebacher
What if the next chapter of her life is a backyard away?
A clean, inspiring romance that'll grip you through its happily-ever-after.
Available in MOBI and ePub

Reese edits manuscripts and volunteers at the copious farmer's market booth on weekends. During a counseling appointment, she's put on "adventure therapy" but gets distracted trying to decode her cryptic but handsome new neighbor. Elliot pulls himself out of Georgia, away from the privileged and toxic environment he's known. Pain is best located in the past, and there's no reason it should show up on his Kentucky doorstep now. There is, however, a growing curiosity beyond his back patio, and he's struggling to focus on the reason he moved here in the first place. Neither is in the market for a serious relationship, and even broken hearts find friendship risky. Will these new neighbors let their walls down or remain guarded for life? If you adore charming small towns with tasteful bookshops, hilarious holiday shenanigans, and heart-grabbing characters who host game night and eat pie on the regular, this romance is for you.