"Blue Moon Rising (ARC)"
by Xina Marie Uhl
Cursed. Alone. Desperate.
Parts One and Two of the Skinwalker Tales
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Centuries ago, a skinwalker cursed him. Part human and part coyote, his people exiled him. He hunts deserts, canyonlands … and finally city streets. There, wily and quick, he avoids the living world. When a shotgun blast puts him at the mercy of a human female, all that changes. He can’t afford to care for her, or her human world. Not while his curse exists. Because the Skinwalker is hatching a diabolical plan. One that will tear the fabric of life as we know it. Will his quest end in freedom, or death? Join the hunt. Fall in love with Blue Moon Rising. NOTE: The two stories contained here are pre-publication copies. They have not been copyedited or finalized, so the published copies (coming in 2021) may differ slightly from what appears here.