"One Star"
by Christopher Schmitz
A Widowed Writer, a Trickster Demon, and an Internet Troll...
A 1 Star Book Review Ends in Murder.
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

A grieving self-published writer spirals out of control... His wife and kids are dead, he's losing his grip on reality... or is he channeling something far more real, and sinister, as he completes his novel? After widowed Indie author Kurtis Ward channels his grief into self-publishing his horror novel, an internet troll skewers his work so viciously that it triggers an evil hiding deep within Ward—something far fouler than human rage. When Ward tracks down, kidnaps, and tortures his critic, he recognizes that the events of his book bear too many similarities to the world around him. Is this lurker within his mind a product of his grief, or something far worse—could the demon Akko Soggathoth, the horrific beast of Ward’s fiction, be more than a product of his imagination? Can Ward somehow regain control of his descent into madness? If it’s even possible… does he really want to? Read this now... just don't leave only 1 star.