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"Blood & Stardom: Rock Star Vampire Romance (Kindle Vella Series)"
by Ty Lionheart
The 80s were fun for pop star August Nightshade, until the night he died, then they became the best years of his life.
A gay vampire romance story told in an episodic format
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Frozen at the age of 27 for eternity, August Nightshade has been a music icon even longer than he's been an immortal. He's had to reinvent himself more than once already, but with the press becoming suspicious of his eternal youth once again, will he disappear into obscurity or finally sing the truth about what he's been hiding? While his best friend and manager disagree, the rock star wonders if his secrecy is the one thing holding him back from finding real love. Either way, August knows being a vampire has always been less about drinking blood and way more about the gay theatrics.