"Arguing whether the answer is 8 or 10, but your answer was blue!"
by Amy C Beckinsale
Locked inside your own home, with only zoom and quiz nights to keep you entertained? What could possibly go wrong?
A short funny novella about life during the 2020 UK lockdown!
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

So, you've been told by the leaders of the country to stay indoors. You're stuck in your living room with nothing to do but watch Netflix and order random stuff from Amazon OR, you could jump on the waggon and join what half the world is doing, thanks to social media. There's always one way to pass the time... Egos and bragging rights at the ready ladies and gentlemen; it's quiz time! *8 or 10, is a separate storyline and does not affect the One Night Forever Saga, but it does involve the same characters*