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"Lead me Back"
by Irene Onorato
Love will lead you home.
A story about fame, fortune, and a love she left behind.
Available in MOBI and ePub

~A faith-based novella~ “I love you, Bobbie. Please don’t go.” Caleb’s voice echoed from the past and brought with it the almost-tangible sensation of summer breezes floating across the lake. She could clearly visualize them sitting in the tree, bare feet dangling, Caleb’s shoulder brushing hers. How often had she coiled her ankles around one of his so she wouldn’t tip backwards and fall? His friendship and strength were anchors she could always count on. The lump that formed in her throat ran tandem to the instant throbbing in the area around her heart. Would Caleb even want to speak to her after all this time, or would her non-verbal rejection of his declaration of love be a wedge between them forever?