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"The Trials of Ildarwood (Book One Prologue)"

by S.C. Selvyn

Before the Trials, came the storm...
A family's daring attempt to escape from a man who can steal souls with his sword.

Available in MOBI and ePub

In a world where spectral energy can be seen and controlled just as easily as all things physical… Evalina Verdani must wake her children and flee their home in the middle of the night. Their city has fallen into chaos, and they may very well be targeted next. After extinguishing the spectral star that protects their house, they say goodbye to the crumbling Ildarwood tree in their main hall, then flee for safety. But when a man in Ildarglass armor catches up with them, Evalina has no choice but to fight to save her children and herself from losing their souls… This standalone chapter is the prologue to the main book, “The Trials of Ildarwood: Spectres of the Fall,” available now on Amazon! For more information and original art, please visit theildarwood.com.