"Alien Claimed"
by Julie K. Cohen
Marry a blue, horned alien with two cocks? Hmm...
A steamy, alien mail -order bride romance with a twist.
Available in MOBI and ePub

Ivy Earth isn’t exactly paradise, not since the Coalition took control, but it was home... until Ivy’s brother shoved her onto an alien ship to be a mail-order bride. Against her wishes. Without asking her. Without caring about her. Quite frankly, she was better off without the murderous psycho, but that doesn’t mean she was prepared for the universe. She only knows she won’t marry some horned alien. She’ll make her own way back to Earth and stay far away from her brother and his nefarious ties to the Coalition. Nothing will change her mind. Not even a tall, sweet, protective warrior who makes human males look like boys and the universe look much more appealing than she ever thought possible. Quinnov Quinnov’s alone in the universe. Except for his planet... war torn, burned out Zyan. No one in his family survived the war, except maybe his older brother Jaizon. Quinnov’s been searching for him since the war ended. But when he crosses paths with his heartmate, his priorities shift. To keep her safe from those hunting her, he may have to return her to her world, even though she makes his heart soar and both of his cocks harden. * * * A Warrior For Every Bride Alien Captured is a steamy Mail Order Bride Romance with a twist. Each book in the series ends in a very Happy Ever After.