"Ghouls And Alchemy BookSweeps"
by Amy B. Nixon
Ghouls And Alchemy
Urban Fantasy topped with alchemy, Arabian mythology and elements of soft Military SciFi
Available in MOBI and ePub

My name is Nathan Holloway. I was a US Marine before they transformed me into an Amethyst Hunter. They are Nexus, a covert organization specializing in extracting dead soldiers from the battlefield, reviving them through alchemy and using them for wet work. Hunting witches and sorcerers, vampires, fae, shapeshifters and magical lawbreakers? That's the easy part. But being immortal? Well, that's a different question. For me, immortality comes with a hefty price tag. My Materia Prima – the quintessence of every living organism – is growing feeble. Nexus' remedies have turned me into an addicted junkie. My sardonic cynicisms are rewarding me with more enemies than allies. And the mysterious Alchemist, who gave me a second chance at life, has condemned my soul to the fiery pits of hell. Things can't get worse, can they? They can, and they just did. One of our agents has gone rogue and stolen a supersonic combat aircraft. The country's under a ghoul invasion. The ghoul-breeding Sa'alin queens are nowhere to be found. And in the midst of it all, we discovered something cunning, vile and even more lethal than the ghouls. Something we thought was erased from existence centuries ago – a necromancer. Join Nathan as his journey weaves him into a web of ancient alchemy, high-tech science fiction and mythological fantasy.