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"The Humble Warlock"
by Omar Daniels
The Humble Warlock, Deep Sci-Fi
Very Deep Sci-Fi
Available in MOBI and ePub

The story begins with Jason and Vera. A young witch and warlock with an insatiable appetite for folly. Together they wisk away their victims so they can satisfy themselves, all through the night. Next is the story of Victor, a young Vampire whose long-lost girlfriend returns to haunt him, and his brethren, as they continue to survive undetected by the human world. After that is a dish of candy. Taffy is known to make people disappear and Gavin likes keeping his enemies at bay. Together they hatch a plan to get rid of those adversaries he rather not tolerate. Those and the following stories are the tales of the Humble Warlock. An ancient soul, he watches over the Earth, as he assimilates the worst, while he gains insight into the woes of mankind. The Humble Warlock is a collection of short stories I composed when this journey first began. I had a lot of ideas surge forth within a short time while in the midst of grappling with and regaining a hold of this craft. Most of the stories are retellings of well-known tales, oldies but goodies, along with a peppering of some more modern stories. I composed, edited (over an excruciating long period of time), and designed the cover for this piece of work as well as developed the interior design. It is somewhat brief, because at the time, my goal was to start a series with this title. I've since had to move on from this particular form but may return later if my luck gets a little better. If you like horror, sci-fi, fantasy tech, or old-fashioned space opera, or anything in between, then you'll probably get a kick out of the Humble Warlock. Omar Daniels