"Free Me"

by Cactus Rose Press

The death toll is rising in Vietnam even as the Beatles introduce Sargent Pepper to the US, but global troubles are a world away when one shady character meets one innocent hitchhiker who will derail all his plans...
A clean and sweet story of the crossroads of hope and chance

Available in MOBI and ePub

Julie Broadmore is a young woman with her mother's spirit of adventure and she's ready to go out and explore the world. Her parents have always wanted to keep their youngest child protected, but that only makes her drive to get out even stronger... so strong she'll even stick out her thumb to get going. Jay Fitzroy knows better than to let anything sideline him when he's off to do a job. The people he works for are too dangerous to cross, so he knows he has to keep their schedule or else... but one sweet young face is about to change everything. One chance encounter for two very different people marks the crossroads for a place where love can always be found.