"Dominatrix for Hire"
by Pebbles Lacasse
Hire me for your BDSM desires
This dominatrix was hired by a couple itching to expand their kinky desires and masochistic wishes.
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

I’m a dominatrix for hire. To some, I’m an expensive and skillful specialty type of prostitute, to others I’m a MF B. I never advertise for clients, don’t need to. My reputation speaks for itself, and I come highly recommended by my clients. When a dark-haired man wearing a pink baby-doll dress, stockings and three-inch high heels enters my dungeon with his wife trailing behind him wearing a tight, white corset that forces her C-cup breasts to spill over the lace, white stockings and four-inch spiked heels, I’m instantly ready to play. What these two masochists desire is exactly what I’m willing to dish out. Will they be pleased with my punishments, or beg for my mercy?