"The Sins in Our Beginning"
by T. Maree
Prequel Novella
Go back to the beginning...
Available in MOBI and ePub

Go back to the beginning... See where it all began, where Jake & Leah met, and what circumstances brought these two together. LEAH: I’m free… but freedom is daunting when all I’ve ever known is darkness and pain. When I see a boy being bullied, my new sense of justice is lit aflame and I find myself standing up for someone who doesn’t want my help. Jake Normanton doesn’t want me there, but I can sense how desperately he is searching for a reason to live, and I am determined to find him one. If I can save him, then maybe there’s a reason I survived living with my father… JAKE: I’m at the end of my rope and have made a decision to end it all. When my bullies make another appearance, I’m prepared to go out in blood and punches when a girl interrupts and scares them away. Leah is strange and silent, but her eyes take the anger out of me and let me breathe for the first time since I lost my mother. I still want to go, I still want to end it, but the eyes of that girl haunt me and entice me to stay, plead with me to hold on just a little longer.