"Sins in the Silence"
by T. Maree
Prequel Novella
An Early Story
Available in MOBI and ePub

“A small taste of the peculiar crime-fighting duo, Jake Normanton & Leah Reynolds!” A frightened mother. An unconscious little boy. A father accused of the crime. When Jake & Leah first arrive at the scene of a domestic violence case, it soon becomes clear that all is not what it seems. A young boy was found at the bottom of the stairs; his injuries suggest it was no mere accident. With the mother in tears and the father losing his temper and sporting some bruised knuckles, all signs point to him as the abuser. But the clues don’t add up, and Leah & Jake are left to wonder if they can trust the evidence laid out before them. With Jake's past trying to influence his every instinct and Leah's nightmares invading her life, Jake & Leah need to lean on each other more than ever to investigate the incident and make sure that the real culprit is caught.