"In the Barn"
by Jordan Bach
Even the innocent can be pushed too far.
A Chilling Horror Novella
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Bullied schoolgirl Prudence has finally found a true friend. His name is Arthur, and he lives in the barn on her daddy’s property. But Arthur isn’t like a pet or a schoolfriend. He came from the swamp one night and never went home. Prudence, though, doesn't care why he arrived or why he stayed. It’s just nice to have a friend like Arthur. Then one day, totally by accident, Arthur makes one of Prudence’s bullies go away. Forever. As the town searches for the missing girl, and the mean kids from school grow suspicious, Prudence sees Arthur’s strength and wonders… what if more bullies disappeared? In the Barn is a horror novella featuring an innocent desperate to be left alone who discovers she has the paranormal means to dispose of her problems. The only question is: should she?