"Rocket Man"
by John Pirillo
Through endless timelines and endless wars he fights to get back home again to his loved ones.
Science fiction based on multiverse and timeline theories that is based in real life war events.
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Harry is a young test pilot conscripted to fight in a desperate attempt to stave off Hitler's mad rush to conquer the world. He must test a rocket suit that allows one man to become a machine of destruction in the air and on the ground. But something goes wrong for Harry as he is testing. And now he must try to fix what happened, but there may be no way in the world he is in to do that! A high octane, action adventure science fiction thriller grounded in what actually happened during World War Two and America and Britain's desperate attempts to come up with a plan to stop Hitler once and for all! Grab this read now.