"A Little Poetic"
by Teresa James
"The beauty of a poem is not in the length of the content...It's in the power of the words."
A collection of Poetry by Teresa James
Available in MOBI and ePub

A short poem that moves you is powerful. A long poem that keeps you is impressive. Poetic thoughts, feelings, and short poems. A collection of Poetry by Teresa James. She is known for her poetry and art shared throughout social media as Love of a Poet. Where you can actually interact with her. She is passionate about the creativity and beauty of poetry. She mostly writes short poems about love and relationships. She is a mother of seven children, a horticulturist, and philanthropist. While going through heartbreaks, struggles, and grief throughout life. She learned to write her emotions down on paper to vent and release pain. She now bleeds ink by writing and sharing through her poetry.