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"Lease on Love"
by Marianne Spitzer
MM Forbidden Romance
A sweet & sexy gay love story
Available in MOBI and ePub

My parents have picked out the perfect life for me, including who I will marry... I have always been a good son, and with my father's recent recovery from cancer, he deserves all the good things happening in my life. Those good things that happen to his son, he considers happening to him as well. I don't hate him for it, but I can't say I don't wish for something more. He knows I'm gay but doesn't understand why it matters. Having children, marry a woman, being a doctor, those are things expected of me. Why would being obedient and being rewarded with an easy life be so bad? I get on board with my fathers thinking until the day I meet Cam. The blonde haired, blue eyed dream boat is supposed to be our real estate agent. But with my fiancé working long hours and planning her wedding day, I am left alone with him far too often for my own good. Will I be able to let him, and my sexual preferences go for the sake of so many good things my family wants for me, or will I throw caution to the wind for this one sliver of uncertain excitement? This is the very first standalone in the gay romance series Breaking All His Rules. Not for anyone who doesn't enjoy love of all kinds.