by Drew Cordell
Death is inevitable; code is forever.
Tense, cyberpunk/hard science fiction leading up to the events of Absolute Knowledge
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Paragon.EXE follows the development of a secret Government endeavor named the Omniscience project which was designed to assist key decision makers in the wake of catastrophe on a nation-wide scale. The Omniscience project was morphed by corruption and the endless pursuit of the unknown during the Cold War era. These hidden changes were buried through time only to resurface in 2025 when the stakes were much higher. Paragon.EXE is the first standalone prequel novella in the Absolute Knowledge series and follows a split timeline in the 1960s and 2020s. Discover the chilling development of the Absolute Knowledge project from its cryptic root and delve into the Absolute Knowlege universe over one hundred years before the start of the first full-length novel.