"Powered Personnel: The Hangry Hunter (Book 1.1)"
by K. A. Maxwell
On Planet Arijog, never play games with a beast.
A superhero fantasy novella with lots of working-from-home action.
Available in MOBI and ePub

When a group of tourists from the city play a mobile hunting game, it leads them to a forest in their quest for rare targets and tasty food, breaths ablazing. It was also the day Vanessa Locsolen, a professional in creative and destructive arts, worked from home. As her forest burned and her breakfast fled, she has to save what she can before it all gets destroyed. As for the touring gamers, they become the prey as Vanessa becomes: The Hangry Hunter. The Powered Personnel series explores the lives of super and non-super powered nine-to-fivers who work, live, and play in a universal market driven by capitalism. Book 1.1: The Hangry Hunter, is a side story that takes place during the events of Book 1. It has around 13,200 words of aliens, drama, and lots of working-from-home action. It also has scenes of violence, mature themes, and coarse language which may make this book unsuitable for younger and sensitive readers. Seriously, Vanessa wants to eat people and uses a lot of f-bombs. NOTE: Please note that by submitting your email and downloading this book, you are subscribing to the K. A. Maxwell's newsletter. You may unsubscribe at any time.