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"When Worlds Collide: Prequel to Trial by Sabotage"
by Paige H. Perry
When heartbreak and loss is the theme of your life, does the future really matter?
A Hartman & Malone Story
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

If you love surprising mysteries and second chances, you'll love this debut novelette from author Paige H. Perry. Fall in love with the Hartman & Malone crew before they join together for a journey filled with sabotage, murder, and danger around every corner. Prepare for "Trial!" Meet the characters in the first in series mystery thriller "Trial by Sabotage" by reading this e-book today. ________________________________________________________________ Anna After a night of bad decisions and a trip to jail, Anna finds herself on the positive side of a second chance that includes an encounter with a handsome police officer. But when an interesting missing person's case inserts itself in the middle of her life, will Anna be able to stay out of trouble long enough to fall in love? _________________________________________________________________ Joe A beautiful girlfriend, a great job, and a loving family are all Joe ever wanted. But just when he thinks he has his life figured out, evil forces rip it from his grasp. But when a child's life hangs in the balance, will Joe be able to put his pain aside and become the hero he was born to be? _________________________________________________________________ Marie & Bryant Preparing for the trial of an organized crime leader is never easy, especially when you plan to get him the deal of a lifetime.  But, with an FBI investigation looming and evidence that won't stay put, will Marie and Bryant be able to pull off the deal of the century?