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"GIVEAWAY: Your Checklist for Great Gifts"
by Lia Manea
7 Steps for Choosing Great Gifts and 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid
Follow up with "Find That Perfect Gift!" - available on Amazon
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Giveaway: Download your FREE Checklist for Great Gifts and discover the 7 Steps for Choosing Great Gifts and 5 Common Mistakes to avoid. Find out from the Checklist: - How to reset your mindset related to gifts - Valuable tips to help you better understand your friends and family and be able to identify their wishes - Practical tips for coming up with great gift ideas and examples of bad gifts Get Your FREE Checklist plus... - A monthly email with time saving gift giving tips - Access to exclusive content for subscribers only - My advice - I reply to every email I receive If you like the Checklist, check out my new book: "Find That Perfect Gift!" is a practical and fun to read guide to finding remarkable gifts for any occasion. Written for busy people, it describes the exact steps to be followed for coming up with an awesome gift idea for your friend, your wife or husband, parents, neighbor or even that person that has everything. The book explains the reasoning and psychology behind an unforgettable gift. You'll find the Why, the How and the What of great gift-giving. No more aimless trips to the shops or mediocre gifts. This is a self-help advice book that will appeal to both fans of Timothy Ferris and Marie Kondo. Readers who love personal development, mindset shifts and fast results will love this practical and entertaining step-by-step guide. Get your copy today and learn how to find better gifts with less effort!