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"Protecting His Windflower - A Spirit Hunters Series Novel Book One"
by Temperance Dawn
Lovers torn apart. A Universe fighting for what's right.
A thrilling paranormal romance steeped in mystery. (FREE Sample)
Available in MOBI and ePub

An unseen power calls Emily Taylor to move to San Francisco. She thinks the charming Victorian flat will be the answer to a fresh start, a way for her to escape the darkness that follows. But, an ominous presence grows stronger and more threatening in her new home. Her prayers for help are answered when she learns her new neighbor, LiamWesley, is a Paranormal Investigator. And with Liam comes the secrets that link their long buried past. With the support of Liam’s investigation team, they work together and discover the truth while the evil that threatened them once before fights to keep them apart from the grave.