"Christian's Look Back at Life"

by James Bonk

A Christian Fiction Novella on Life and Death
What happens in the present, when you're always living in the past?

Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

A psychological thriller with a Christian twist. The horrible accident left Christian Flager with an amazing gift. He can relive any moment from his past just by thinking about it. The smell of his wife’s perfume the day they married. The smack of the baseball as he plays catch with his son. Stuck in the past, he grows distant from those he loves. Every day, he walks the sleepy town reminded of what he lost. The gift has become a curse. Until one day, he finds a special center that treats people with his condition. His new sponsor, Michael, helps Christian get out of his rut as they look back on his life through his unique gift. But easier said than done, as dark forces do not want Christian to change. To win the fight ahead, Christian must leave his past behind.