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"The Lost Elmkey: Book 1 of the Crestmore Trilogy (Preview)"
by Sean Clarke
An occupied nation on the brink of rebellion. A hero waiting to lead them to glory.....
The Lost Elmkey is a dizzying mix of fantasy with science fiction elements and political intrigue.
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

An occupied nation on the brink of war. A band of heroes fighting for freedom. In a city controlled by a foreign superpower, survival is no mean feat for the troubled young hunter Jacob Crestmore. Hope for a better tomorrow? Impossible..... Until Jacob joins a group of revolutionaries on a quest to find the Lost Elmkey; an ancient artefact with the power to bring elemental magic to the battle for liberty. Determined to avoid an uprising, the president of the foreign superpower dispatches the sinister Gunnar Veto to hunt Jacob down. But Veto has a secret link to Jacob's past that will have dire consequences in the present.  It's not long before secrets are revealed, and lives hang in the balance, as the quest for the Lost Elmkey becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse. Can Jacob win the race for the Lost Elmkey and unleash the power of magic? Or will the hopes of a nation die with him?