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"Diary of a 9th Grade D Cup: New Diary, New Year"
by Suzanne Rudd Hamilton
Katie is entering a new world - High School. Will it be the new start she hopes for?
A Growing UP girls book
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Growing UP was hard for Katie. Throughout middle school and jr. high, she was teased and tormented for her crime of being the first one in class to get a bra in the 4th grade. From then on she was labeled as the girl with the "boobs." But high school provides an opportunity for a clean slate and a new world with different kids with endless opportunities to remake her image and start from scratch to adventures of life as just another teen. Diary of 9th Grade "D" Cup is the sequel, continuing Katie's middle school journey into a new realm - high school. The Growing UP Girls series of books celebrates and chronicles the trials and triumphs of middle and lower high school girls 10-16 who are just trying to grow up with as few scars as possible, despite a school of teasers, mean girls, dumb boys and bullies.