"The Paradox Of The Magi"
by K.D. Reid
Balance reigns in The Isles of The Magi. A mage in training seeks to shift the scales.
Magic and adventure weave a spell of intrigue.
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Four magics rule The Isles: White, Green, Blue, and Black. Eleanor is an acolyte and Ascendor studying to become The Grand White Mage. As she explores the magics of The Isles of The Magi, she is determined to put a permanent stop to death, evil, and plague. She travels to The Isle of Azurr and The Emerald Isle, learning the secrets of their ways. Corruption lingers ever near, and against her mentor's wishes, Eleanor seeks to put an end to the Black Magic which infests The Dark Marsh. But can a young acolyte's ambitions foresee the reason for her centuries-old master's warnings?