"Clippings from the Garden"
by Sara Sartagne
Inspiration from The Garden Plot
The flowers that inspired Sam in her design, plus some folklore and original photos
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

When I originally started to draft The Garden Plot, I wanted to include my personal photographs with some information about the flowers which inspired and accompanied the novel, and indeed the trilogy, the English Garden Romance series. Sadly, the ambition to create novels illustrated with beautiful pictures, while a lovely idea, soon became unrealistically expensive. For one thing, colour printing on Amazon’s Print on Demand was too expensive for even my mother to buy, and on e-book, the glorious colours of the flowers simply disappeared into black and white. So out they came - the photographs, the explanations of what the flowers ‘meant’, particularly in the Victorian era, when no-one spoke their minds, and the Latin names. As I became more embroiled in the writing, I gradually forgot about them and focused on creating pictures with my words and characters. Until, in the COVID-19 pandemic. Some people clear out cupboards, I cleared out my photos… And I remembered the work I’d done - trawling through books and the internet to find out more about the plants and flowers I’d chosen to link to a particular part of the story, even as a form of foreshadowing. The next thought was to wonder if anyone else would be interested. Which is what has led me here, to this (very) cheaply-produced document which shows a bit of my research, some of my photos and some wonderful images provided by some very talented photographers from Pixabay. I hope you enjoy it - please let me know if you do! Sara Sartagne, June 2020