"Mistletoe and Holly (Novella)"
by Isabelle Grace
Once engaged, now reunited in a crisis. Will the sparks still fly?
A second chance romance.
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Holly McCade is the godmother to her best friend’s daughters – a role she takes very seriously. So, when the twins’ mother must leave to tend to their injured father three weeks before Christmas, Holly jumps in to care for the girls without hesitation. Only she won’t be handling the situation alone; their Uncle Chace, the man Holly almost married, will also be arriving to help. Former Special Operative and current private security and investigative specialist, Chace Dutton is trained to deal with the toughest and most daring situations known to man. Yet nothing has prepared him for the daunting task of sharing childcare responsibilities with the only woman he’s ever loved. The same woman who allowed her fears about his dangerous job overrule all else, tearing his heart to shreds in the process. Eight years later while living under the same roof to care for his nieces, Chace and Holly are given a glimpse into how their life together might have been. Will they have the courage to rekindle their love and grab hold of their second chance? Or was all the mistletoe for nothing?