"Birth of Assassins"
by Jon Cronshaw
A Dawn of Assassins prequel
Before they were assassins...
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Life is tough in Nordturm... ...but it's hell when you're a street kid. Fedor works as a shoeshine boy, earning scraps to survive. When a gang of thieves takes him under their wing, Fedor sees a side of life he never knew existed. But as Fedor is dragged deeper into the gang, he must take a path he doesn't want, or risk becoming 'fair game'. Birth of Assassins is the prequel novel to Jon Cronshaw's series Dawn of Assassins, a coming-of-age high fantasy featuring assassins, thieves, and magic... Perfect for fans of Scott Lynch, Robin Hobb, and Brent Weekes. Get your copy now.