"Romance in the Stone"

by Emily Hussey

Romance where you least expect it
Four short stories, each inspired by a gemstone

Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Warrior Woman She might have been a Qing Dynasty princess. Whatever, the jade statue of a warrior woman was beautiful. Megan discovered more than local history when rain drove her into the museum and into the company of a very intriguing man. Capture the Moment A house-sitting cat-walker is disturbed at night by an intruder. He could hardly complain about injuries after giving her such a fright. Still, she didn’t expect him to shoot her. *In the Cards Who knows what the future holds? Rosie was sceptical about the tarot reading, Sometimes, events unfold in the way you least expect. Nearly being run over for a start . **The Letters Jacinta’s aunt left her more than a cottage, she left the clues to a decades-old romance for her to unravel. Solving the mystery brought unexpected results. *Shortlisted by Romance Writers of Australia for the 2016 Little Gems Award **Shortlisted by Romance Writers of Australia for the 2019 Little Gems Award