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"Her Sanctuary, His Heart"
by Michelle Dykman
Love found her in the most unlikely place with the most unexpected person.
A Christian Romantic Suspense Novel
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

She's praying for her new life to start, but she doesn't know where to find it. Five years ago, Drake Kane became lost in overwhelming grief, and he lost his heart to divorce. After serving in the army, Drake is looking for a new life, and he stumbles upon Forest Hill. Neither expects to find each other . . . again. During a chance meeting, Braelyn and Drake discover a poaching scheme that throws them into a spiral of overwhelming emotions and danger. If Braelyn is to survive, she must trust the one man that broke her trust five years ago. Drake wants nothing more than to woo his former wife, but as deputy sheriff, his time is torn between nabbing the poachers and protecting Braelyn. Can Braelyn find forgiveness or will she allow bitterness to ruin her sanctuary? And can Drake reclaim his heart? Want to know what happens next: Her Sanctuary, His Heart is available for a limited time on preorder for 99c.