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"The Wicked Witch of Kriegspiel"

by S. L. Prater

He’s a rake. She’s his “just deserts.” Or maybe just dessert?
Steamy Fantasy Romance

Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Witch Erin Green seeks freedom far from the controlling machinations of her uncle, a priest. Becoming a professor at the University of Kriegspiel was supposed to be her fresh start, but the Church of the Cloth is at it again. To encourage the compliance and regulation of witches the church will utilize pairing ceremonies to bind these free-spirited women in marriage to their priests. To make up for past misdeeds, Chancellor Ren Boaz steps in to help the beguiling new professor remain unwed. After all the hearts his rakish ways have left broken, will the Wicked Witch of Kriegspiel turn out to be Ren’s delicious comeuppance? Fantasy Romance ◆ Gaslamp ◆ Forced Proximity ◆ Mature Characters ◆ Steamy