"Booted Out: A Castlewood High Origin Story"
by Mary-Kate Thomas
The origin story of Linda Monnark, the ruinous teacher in Team Peabrain, CHT #2.
Based on the fairy tale Puss in Boots
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Booted from her old life, Carol finds herself... Welcome to the second short story in the Castlewood High Origin Stories, a companion series of origin stories of characters within the Castlewood High Tales, a retold clean & wholesome high school romance series. "Booted Out" is a retold version of "Puss in Boots" by Giovanni Francesco Straparola, and focuses on the origin story of Linda Monnark, the teacher determined to ruin Bronwyn Clancy's life in Team Peabrain, the second book of the Castlewood High Tales series.