"A Bouquet of White Roses"
by Sara Sartagne
Arranging flowers is no fun when you're in love with the groom...
An English Garden Romance novella
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Florist Dawn Andrews' business is to create beautiful bouquets, not break up engagements. But when she's asked to arrange the flowers for the wedding of an old school mate, it's hard to ignore her budding feelings. Dawn is the loveliest woman that landscape gardener Sam Winterson has ever seen. But as an engaged man, he dismisses the growing chemistry between them. Until, that is, Sam has to rescue Dawn from an assault outside a nightclub. While he does what any honourable man would. afterwards, Sam finds himself caring rather too much about the florist with the heart-shaped face and sherry-brown eyes. With the wedding only five months away, can they ignore their mutual attraction and carry on as 'just friends'?