"Dragon's Fire"
by Tiger Hebert
Dark, Epic Fantasy that Dares to Hope
A long-imprisoned dragon wages his revenge upon the living...
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

After thousands of years, Slayvin, a corrupted, soul-devouring black dragon has finally escaped imprisonment. The war for souls has begun. As the flames of the Black Dragon's War are fanned, Orcs, Dwarves, Elves, Humans, and more are left with a choice; forge unlikely alliances, or forfeit their souls. In either case, the future is grim. It is a future of war. Axes are sharpened, bows are strung, and cryptic prophecies are examined for the one thing that is all but lost--hope. PRAISE FOR DRAGON'S FIRE... "If you are looking for a pair of badass orc brothers, a red-haired warrior of immense skill, a kind dwarf, and a few other surprises, then look no further." -- Joshua Chadd, Author "The descriptions are amazing and the battles scenes are some of the best I have ever read." --Lara, GoodReads "Orcs, Dwarves, Elves, Humans, and Dragons? How could it get any better than this?" --Elle, GoodReads "Fantasy lovers and Tolkien's admires will be thrilled with this new, fascinating world which is pure fantasy" --Sophia, GoodReads "This was an amazing story. Full of action, suspense, and intrigue." --Tony, GoodReads "This book was epic and the writing was fantastic!" --Jana, Amazon "This book is a great entry into the fantasy genre and I believe anyone who is a fan of the fantasy genre needs to read this book!" --Jake, GoodReads "Did not want to put it down and am looking forward to reading more books by this great author." --Linda, Amazon "You cannot miss out on this brilliant series!" --Betty, Amazon "Loved this book! So much happens that you don't expect. I can't wait for the next to come!!!!!" --Jennifer, Amazon "Great characters captivating storyline. Slow build up to a fast paced action packed slugfest. Can't wait for book two to come out." --Billy, Amazon