"Star Struck"
by Elina Emerald
An Intergalactic Love Story
A Short Scifi Romance
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Wallflower Livi Star hates attending balls. In particular, the Sevinare Ball where Imperial families forge marriage alliances. A modern-day version of the marriage mart where women compete for the attention of eligible bachelors. It's 4015, for goodness’ sake! Unfortunately, Livi lives in Appletini, an old-fashioned planet named after a 1996 cocktail. If only she could find a man who didn’t care what she did for a living. Commander Lucas Zoran hates attending singles balls. In particular, the Sevinare Ball. As a military strategist for the Emperor, he's spent years trying to dodge the machinations of marriage-minded women. Unfortunately, his status attracts the worst attention. If only he could find a woman who likes him for himself.