"The Bonded Pair"
by Kristin Stamper
An unexpected friendship is forged when Hunter and Prey come together to survive...but how long can it last?
A story of resilience, brotherhood, and loyalty in the face of adversity
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The Hunter wants to eat. The Prey wants not to be eaten. When they’re thrown into a cage together, they could tear each other apart—or they could work together to escape their captors. The decision may ride on the Hunter’s appetite. *** 1 THE HUNTER He is a Hunter, and he is good at what he does.  He is stuck in the box for now, but it will not be long until he is free.  The box is small. Too small to stand up. And dark. Dark enough that his perfect Hunter eyes, eyes that see the Prey in the blackest black, cannot see the walls. It is colder than cold, and it stinks of metal. But he likes the box. The box means, soon, he will hunt. Soon, he will eat.  And he is hungry. Get the story to read more...