"Zedger: Edge of Zion (Hybrid Genesis Book 1)"
by Elysia Lumen Strife
Discarded biotech-enhanced soldiers rise against corruption
A dystopian story of a gene splicing and fighting to save earth from annihilation
Book will be distributed through Amazon

War's in their DNA. Marci aims to destroy the biotech military program that created and tortured soldiers like her. Her hideout discovered, she must go back in to break the cognitive control link and free the people of Zion. They haven’t had a Crisper in months. When a man’s body is dumped in the basalt flow south of Marci’s mountain cabin, she knows something is off. Stealth vehicles patrol the area, preventing her from rescuing the newest victim of the Disconnect. Unless she wants to risk exposure. In a post-war, irradiated, future Earth, Marci is the only one of the test subjects strong enough to escape the experiments of Project Zedger—the Astrals’ bioenhanced military designed to protect what’s left of humanity in the Free Territories of Zion. The six High cities that remain create all law and order, enforcing it upon the wildlands at the cost of all others. Zedger soldiers are their main weapons: mutated, spliced, and cybernetically restructured to do the most damage, without objection. The Genesis hub controls everyone. Marci knows she must take it out if she is to free her people. But this Crisper is different. He was sent to her with a message. When Operational Cybernetic Corps Snipes come after them, Marci knows her time is up. Zedger must fall.