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by A. M. Deese
Her rooms were beautiful...but they were a prison.
The third novel in the Dance of the Elements series
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

A Missing God. A Secret Kingdom. The Everflame once again walks the earth. The disappearance of their god leaves the Republic of the Sand Sea in chaos. Tylak journeys across the desert and into the Wilds in a desperate attempt to rescue Jura from the aliferous, mysterious winged beings believed to be extinct. Kay, the wonder child, has escaped the arena but at a terrible cost. Beshar has lost all Rank and now fights to find a new purpose in life. Coral finds an unlikely ally in Amira as they enter the great dance for power. More secrets will be exposed before Jura finally receives some answers. Will she be able to save her people before she is swept away?