Expected Publication Date: May 24th, 2022
"Senator's Son"
by Julie L. Spencer
Senator's Son vs Spunky Editorial Assistant It's A Novel Mystery!
Can they work together to find a missing manuscript without losing their hearts to each other?
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Kicked out of Washington, D.C., after his father’s successful primary season, Mateo Cohen has no intention of having a vacation fling, not even to relax, especially not with the snarky editorial assistant who begs for his help to solve a mystery. Molly Balan has been tasked to find a reclusive author and a missing manuscript in the Outer Banks, the writer’s last known whereabouts. What starts as a simple mystery turns into a complicated romance complete with sunsets and romantic walks. But Molly’s worried she’s not sophisticated enough to be on the arm of an all-business, no-nonsense senator’s son, not when she’s impulsive and afraid her explosive nature could ruin his father’s campaign. And Mateo is feeling his inadequacies as campaign manager when things start falling apart in D.C. Will their relationship survive once the realities of life and the campaign trail resume? Or will their relationship be nothing but a whirlwind romance and a search for a manuscript? If you enjoy mystery romances with vacation flings, spunky heroines, and a brooding hero, then you’ll love this novel by Julie L. Spencer and co-writer E.E. Everly. Grab your copy of Senator’s Son today! Senator’s Son is a spinoff story in Julie’s Royal Family Saga, and a companion book to A Novel Mystery, the second book in A Novel Love series by E.E. Everly.