"Land of Midnight Days"

by Katrina Jack

Don't look back, it'll slow you down!
Book I of The Silver Flute Trilogy
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The City is a dark and dangerous place but amongst the desperation and despair there is a ray of hope, weak and insubstantial, but with the potential to light up the world. Jeremiah Tully has a single joy in his life – the silver flute his mother left him. Mute from birth, the flute is his voice; but the mystery of why his mother abandoned him is left unanswered. Isolated because of his disability, and his mixed-race heritage, he struggles to find meaning for his existence. The metropolis is awash with demons and other horrors, can he drive them back – would that gain him acceptance? The silver flute is inscribed with the musical notes of a powerful melody that could be used as a weapon against the invaders – but there’s no guarantee that it will work. Then one day a stranger comes into his life and all hell breaks loose...