Expected Publication Date: Sun, May 9th
by Danny Lenihan
One man separates the continuity of our species, and total extinction...
A pre-apocalyptic crime thriller
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

The year is 2250, and the evacuation has begun. A rogue planet is hurtling towards Earth, and mankind’s only hope is to escape on the Bertram Ramsay - an enormous space station built to accommodate nine million inhabitants and ensure the continuity of our species. Jaxon Leith is one such inhabitant, and he’s about to enter Compression - a three month internment camp where he will train to live and work in space. The Acolytes of Gaia have other ideas. A faceless, powerful group of zealots formed two centuries ago, who have infiltrated the upper echelons of governments and corporations around the world. They will stop at nothing to destroy the Bertram, and condemn every living being on Earth in the process. Jaxon is drawn in to a world of subterfuge, terrorism, espionage and murder, as he faces an ruthless, invisible killer in a race against time.